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Most Notable Info The Tinba Trojan, aka Tiny Banker, is targeting "a large scope" of banks like Bank of America, ING Direct and HSBC, according to an Avast blog post by David Fiser. The Trojan had previously targeted Czech bank c...

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Brit PLC, a specialty insurer and reinsurer, has developed an insurance service to protect companies operating critical infrastructure and industrial machinery. The insurance is designed to protect companies from malicious attacks like sabotage, espionage, and theft. The insurance...

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Identity proofing is proof of whom you are. Proving one’s identity starts with that person answering questions that only they themselves can answer (even if the answers are fictitious), such as their favorite movie, mother’s maiden name or name of their high school. Si...

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Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) police used sophisticated hacking software to monitor phones and computers, says Wikileaks. A German company developed the software, known as FinSpy. The software enabled the user to extract files, grab images of screenshots, monitor Skype convers...

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There's nothing like a new beginning. Everything is perfect when the season starts, a 0-0 record. It's a blank slate to be filled with only your hopes and dreams. No one expects anything bad to happen. 
In a way, it's a lot like cybersecurity. ...

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Most Notable InfoIt's been an interesting month. Everyone is still talking about the Home Depot breach (just look at the Consumer Goods discussion from yesterday), which puts us close to 50 different companies that have been tied to point-of-sale malware this year. The Paym...

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Last week, news spread about how almost five million usernames and passwords were leaked from Google and uploaded to a Russian online forum. “They were distributed to several Russian forums and then shared through different file-sharing services,” said Peter Kruse, an el...

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