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The HackSurfer Exchange is a one-of-a-kind advertising opportunity found only at HackSurfer.

When you sign up for our "Premium" paid plan, your company is automatically entered into our context-sensitive advertising network. Just sign in with your company Twitter, enter your company description and select your corporate capabilities from our tag set. That's it, you're done. Each time content is displayed in the form of an article, data or social SurfBoard post that's relevant to your corporate capabilities or description, your company's name, logo and description will show up as a 728x90 or 374x100 advertisement. That's it. Advertising that really means something.

$299 bucks a year, you're in. That's all.

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Getting Started with HackSurfer Exchange

Our exchange network is built to show your company's Twitter logo, company name, description and website address where it matters most on the HackSurfer website. Our system matches your profile description and corporate capabilities to contexts where it is likely to lead to discovery, clicks and conversion. In other words, we show ads where your IT, cyber or other solutions will be of most interest to viewers. Read on to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started with HackSurfer Exchange?

Getting started with exchange takes less than 5 minutes. First, sign in with your company Twitter account, then complete the HackSurfer user confirmation wizard. Select your industry affiliation, add a 350 character corporate description and pick your corporate capabilities. Next, buy a HackSurfer Premium membership. That's it, you're done! Your company's exchange ad will show immediately based on algorithmic matching of keywords in your description and corporate capabilities tags.

Can I upload IAB-type creative ads to HackSurfer Exchange?

No. We built HackSurfer Exchange to reach a highly technical and business audience mainly as a way to focus on networking and discovery of solutions based on real needs. As such, we feel it better to "level the playing field" and show concise, economical information in the most standard and professional way possible. Plus, we want your content to take center stage.

Can I get reports on how many impressions my ad has served? Or other metrics?

Yes, soon. By the end of 2013, all Premium plan members will receive weekly metrics reports detailing the display and engagement statistics of their ad profiles. Early next year, we will also make this data "self service" as part of your "My Account" company profile.

Will my Exchange ad compete with other IAB digital advertisements?

No, as of October 25th, 2013, HackSurfer has removed all other IAB digital ads. HackSurfer Exchange is now the ONLY way to advertise on HackSurfer.

Are the current 325x325 HackSurfer Exchange ads the only ad sizes available?

For now, yes. However, by the end of 2013, HackSurfer will also begin to serve your information as in-line text ads (i.e. in articles and between SurfBoard posts) and other creative but "professional" ways that support networking, discovery and conversions.

I work for a PR/Marketing firm and have many clients. Can I sign in with MY company's Twitter and post on HackSurfer for them? And show their ads?

No. In the interest of security and legal liabilities, your clients must login with their own Twitter accounts and fill out their HackSurfer ad profiles. However, in early 2014, we will be integrating with popular social media management tools such as HootSuite and Sprout Social to allow for you to post on their behalf once an account has been created.

Visitor Demographics

Male 87%
Adult 67%
Affluent 100-150k/yr
No Children 62%
Graduate And Post Graduates 70%
Caucasian 80%