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Learn. Share. Collaborate.

You'll see that a lot here on HackSurfer -- and for good reason. Everything's better with collaboration. Imagine Hall without Oats. Woody without Buzz. Peanut butter without jelly.

And that's why we started HackSurfer, the world needed a place where businesses, security experts, vendors and individuals could all come together, backed by top-of-the-line cybercrime data to make the world a safer place. Think unicorns and rainbows. We're trying to bring a little sunshine to the dark corners of cybercrime. Shine a light on it, so to speak. That starts with everyone opening up.
So jump in. The water's nice.

Grab Your Surfboard

The HackSurfer Surfboard is the water cooler for cybercrime and cybersecurity. It's where we all congregate to -- you're catching on here! -- learn, share and collaborate. If you see an interesting article you want to share, have a thought about cybersecurity, or just want to ask a question, this is the best place. Don't be shy!

Example Surfboard Post

Simple, right? Skip on over to the Surfboard and tell us what you think.

Dive Into the Deep End

Got more to say? Get your thoughts out by writing your own post. It automatically gets featured on the home page, where users can share, comment, recommend and add to their collections. We've got a wide variety of contributors and they're growing every day. Just skip on over to My Content and you'll see this:

Create an Article

Then hop on your soapbox and fire away! Write about whatever aspect of cybersecurity your heart desires. Share the latest news. Sound off with an editorial. It's entirely up to you. Be creative.

Learn How to Ride the Waves

Once you get comfortable, you can graduate from padawan to true HackSurfer master.

  • Sharescore™ - The more you post, comment and help the cybersecurity community, the higher your Sharescore™ goes. As we go forward and continue building our community you'll be able to use it to gauge the involvement of individuals and businesses. Want to see which DDoS vendor is doing the most to help the overall business community by sharing? This will let you know.
  • Collections - Create collections of stories around various themes. You'll see these automatically featured on the bottom of every article. Create one now. Just add any URLs you want: from HackSurfer, from the news or from other blogs.
  • Watchlist - For those with premium accounts, you can follow users, companies, industries or individual cybertags in your watchlist and get notified of any important news and industry threats. Premium accounts also have access to exclusive HackSurfer cybercrime data.

That's it. Pretty simple, eh? Still don't know where to start. Hop on over to the Surfboard and go for a ride!